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Hi! We’re so glad you’re here. How are you feeling about it all?

We’re excited too! Let’s get started.

We get it. It’s a complicated, fast changing world out there. It can be hard to know where to begin. But we’re right here with you. Let’s take it step by step – together.

We love the enthusiasm! Check out our resources page to begin the work. But remember, this will be a life-long journey, so don’t try and race to the finish line. Let’s take it step by step – together.

That makes sense. You’ve put yourself out there and acknowledged that you might still have some things you need to work on. That’s a scary thing to admit! But remember, growth should feel uncomfortable. It’s a sign that you’re changing for the better. Let’s take it step by step – together.

Cook Ross is now BE Equitable

These past few years have been incredibly tumultuous and evolving, where we have witnessed how complex and messy our world is.

In a world of tick-a-box trainings and quick fixes, we at Be Equitable are going after something more satisfying -- we’re here for the transformations. For the forward thinkers and future leaders who know the journey is long and are still ready, we see you and we want to partner with you.

Let’s go beyond the buzzwords to create workplaces that work for people of all races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. It won’t be neat. And it certainly won’t be simple. Our BE team is ready and committed to get it done.

As we enter this next chapter of our story, we invite you to BE bold, BE inclusive, and BE authentic to the vision you have for yourself and your organization. And together we can create workplaces that are just and equitable for all.