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Tina Vazquez

Tina Vazquez


Contracts Manager

Girl Mom, Wife, Animal Lover, Music Enthusiast, Entrepreneur

Tina Vazquez is a dedicated problem solver with a knack for negotiating complex agreements. As a Contract Manager at Be Equitable, Tina Vazquez oversees the contract experience from beginning to end. With over twenty years of contracting experience in both Commercial and Federal Contracting, Tina has developed a core belief inthe importance of teamwork. She works collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. Perhaps her greatest strength is her unique ability to translate complicated contract language into layman’s terms in order to effectively communicate contract terms and conditions with the team. More about Tina: Served as Secretary for the National Contract Management Association (NCMA- Frederick) from July 2019 until July 2021 Serves her community by supporting local up and coming entrepreneurs with their contract management needs for their businesses Organized and managed a local musical festival event to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Wish Foundation Adopts and cares for several pets with a special focus on rescuing and caring for disabled animals

Who were your role models growing up? How do you think that’s impacted your life now?

My role model growing up and still to this day is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her passion, knowledge and accomplishments towards gender equality and human rights are the inspiration behind my advocacy and activism for the many social issues facing our society today.

Do you think people can really change?

I think People ‘really’ change all the time. We go through many iterations of ourselves throughout our lifetime. The person I was ten years ago is not who I am today. As members of the human race, we are constantly evolving and changing.


Join us for an engaging and interactive Zoom panel with Be Equitable team members who will discuss important issues currently facing the LGBTQ+ community, explore the power of allyship, and transforming workspaces that foster a sense of belonging for all.
Listen, learn and connect with other DEI colleagues and changemakers who every day bravely speak the truth about how together we can create a just and equitable world for all. We hope that you will join us.

This session is part of our #BE365 series which celebrates, educates, and highlights cultural moments and under-represented voices throughout the year.

Cook Ross is now BE Equitable

These past few years have been incredibly tumultuous and evolving, where we have witnessed how complex and messy our world is.

In a world of tick-a-box trainings and quick fixes, we at Be Equitable are going after something more satisfying -- we’re here for the transformations. For the forward thinkers and future leaders who know the journey is long and are still ready, we see you and we want to partner with you.

Let’s go beyond the buzzwords to create workplaces that work for people of all races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. It won’t be neat. And it certainly won’t be simple. Our BE team is ready and committed to get it done.

As we enter this next chapter of our story, we invite you to BE bold, BE inclusive, and BE authentic to the vision you have for yourself and your organization. And together we can create workplaces that are just and equitable for all.